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If Christopher Ransom's The Birthing House had just been a biting and well-written novel about a contemporary marriage, that would have been enough to make it worth your time. If it had just been the kind of genuinely scary story that makes little hairs stand up on the back of your neck, that would have been sufficient as well. But what's remarkable is that it manages to have the best of both genres, without sacrificing thrills for insight. This is a rare thing: a ghost story with class.  Read it."

The Birthing House is as scary as they come, but calling it a horror novel is too simplistic. A passionate, thoughtful exploration of the darker regions of the human heart, rendered in prose elegant and luminous as the edge of a knife, it's quite simply a terrific novel. Christopher Ransom is going to be huge."

The Birthing House is the literary equivalent to Nirvana’s semaphore effort In Utero . . . themed with birth, babies, and new beginnings . . . inviting the reader to share with him an advent of existence that is steeped in blood and mystery.  It’s full of life, the prose like that of a professional, and certainly not a debut."

Peter Blauner
author of 

Slow Motion Riot and 

Slipping Into Darkness

Marcus Sakey
author of 

The Brilliance Trilogy


In The Press


I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I wrote my first short story at age 13, bumbled through high school, and eventually decided to study literature at Colorado State University.


After college, I managed Bushmaster Reptiles, an international wholesale importer of exotic species. Then I moved to New York City, where I worked for Entertainment Weekly magazine and began writing screenplays, a stepping stone that involved another move, this time to Los Angeles.


In 2004, I relocated to a 150-year-old former birthing house in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where I spent the next three years conceiving and delivering my first novel. The Birthing House was a  London Times Top 10 bestseller, and a national bestseller in the US. 


My other novels are The Haunting of James Hastings (published in the US under the title Killing Ghost), The People Next Door, The Fading, The Orphan, and Beneath the Lake.


Things I am an unreasonably dedicated fan of: Pearl Jam, vintage bikes, Vietnamese food, craft beers, the Denver Broncos, cool sneakers, bulldogs, and so on.


I currently reside in Colorado, on the fringes of Boulder County, where I tend to be working on several new novels, at least one of which I hope to see published in 2017 and beyond.

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