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A terrifying tale of domestic horror that explores the dangers of holding onto the past--and opening the door to that lost childhood friend . . .

Darren and Beth Lynwood always dreamed of having a son, but when young amnesiac runaway Adam enters their lives, he brings with him a creeping darkness that threatens to engulf their family and everyone around them.

When Adam's memories claw their way to the surface, Darren finds himself haunted by thoughts of his own childhood - and of a boy very much like Adam who was done an unspeakable wrong.

As buried secrets are unearthed, the Lynwood's happy home becomes the hunting ground for a relentless evil and an obsession that will not die.

There's no point locking the door. The orphan is already inside.


Published in Europe under the title The Haunting of James Hastings, this international bestseller is now available in the US.

When his wife Stacey dies tragically behind their Los Angeles mansion, James Hastings finds himself spiraling into grief, haunted by a menace that doesn't want him to move on. 

Salvation comes in the form of Annette Copeland, a beautiful widow who moves into the house next door. But soon Annette begins to exhibit uncanny manners that belong to Stacey, setting off a horrific yet alluring case of possession. 

With every attempt to atone for his failings as a husband plunging James deeper into a nightmare struggle for survival, he must finally confront the origin of his resurrected other half, and the true face of the evil that has brought them together. 

Killing Ghost is a midnight meditation of the addictive nature of love, and a novel that redefines the ghost story for a culture obsessed with dark entertainments.



Mick Nash’s summer is off to a bad start. His once thriving sports bar is deep in the red. His wife Amy is bullied by her students. Teen son Kyle has just met alcohol, and young daughter Briela is gripped by recurring nightmares about their new neighbors. 

Transplants to the health and outdoor living mecca of Boulder, Colorado, the Renders seem like the perfect family. Wife Cassandra offers uncanny solutions to Amy’s suburban doldrums, and husband Vince becomes instrumental in rescuing the Last Straw from financial ruin. Teen goddess June entices Kyle into ever more dangerous thrills, while ten-year-old Adolph has a narcotic influence on Briela.

But there’s something abnormal about the Renders, and every favor has its price. While the Renders turn dangerously more native with each passing day, Mick’s investigations into their past uncovers a hidden trail of treachery, violence, and a pact with unholy forces. 

As their summer turns into a crash course in survival, the Nash family must confront the forces that have driven them apart, and uncover the terrifying truth about the people next door. 


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